5 years of aging
  • 5 years of aging

5 years of aging

Item No.: 002
5 years of aging
Pure natural plant , no pollution , no hormones. Use our product for a long time, it can keep you young and give you a radiant and eternal youth.
Product parameters
packing: 500ML/bottle
Box: 6 bottles/Box
alcoholicity: 18-23°C
Royal BaoChun wine  is served the royal court in past dynasties, the last emperor brother Pu Jie poem "曾夸五凤双龙宴,今惹青帘红字标,车水马龙人买醉,太平时节乐春宵". Over the last emperor to entertain guests in wufenglou with ministers, now the Diaoyutai State Guest House special for nearly 20 years, Southeast Asia nearly 200 thousand "friends" as health treasures, and export is increasing year by year.

1.Up stairs is flustered , pant let soft,chest panic like a pile of cotton crammed.
2.Often fell cheeks , back ,neck, shoulder pain.
3.shampoo or sleep after more hair loss.
4.Insomnia and dreaminess , unwilling to get up in the morning,work without ative.
5.Often feel heavy head. Easily get tired,hard to concentrate so that the work efficiency is very low.
6.Decreased immunological function, easy to catch a cold and long time is not good.
7.Constitutional weakness when standing up quickly a black front.
8.Inexplicably be perturbed, body intermittent fever.
9.Feel fungry but have no appetite for food.
10.Very concerned about other people`s evaluation of their own . high tension think of things in the wrong direction.
11.Often fell dizzy headache, sometimes ear seems as if something is ringing.
12.Decreased sexual ability,often feel tired, no sexual desire.
If you have one or more of these symptoms,that the body is in a state of subhealth, the more symptoms,the longer the duration the more serious the subhealth problem. That illustrate the body organs and system function declined more serious.If a person is in such a state of subhealth for a long time, it will make the state of the body into the trough,resulting in a variety of diseases occur one after another pose a threat to the body.
But please don`t panic , if  you have one or more of these symptoms , Royal BaoChun wine can help you.

  1. 经常感到头沉甸甸的,容易疲倦,很难集中精力,以至工作效率很低。
  2. 洗头或睡觉后有较多头发脱落。
  3. 性能力下降,经常感到疲劳不堪,没什么性欲望。
  4. 失眠多梦,睡不踏实,早上恋床,工作没精神。
  5. 免疫力下降,易感冒,长期不好。
  6. 常常感到腮,背,颈,肩部位酸痛。
  7. 体质虚弱,起立较猛时,眼前一片黑。
  8. 上楼就心慌、气喘腿软。胸像塞了棉花憋的慌。
  9. 莫名其妙的感到心烦意乱,身体阵阵发热。
  10. 感到比较饿,但见到饭菜就没胃口。
  11. 非常在意别人对自己的评价,精神处于紧张状态,易把事情往坏处想。
  12. 经常感到头痛头晕,有时耳朵里好像有东西不停在响。

Characteristics:Brown-red liquid,aromatic in odour,sweet but slightly acrid in taste

Usage : Oral use 50-100ML each time, take at a right dose before sleep.

Caution:Contraindicated for persons suffering from cerebral cardiovascular diseases or hemorrhage diseases.

Tips on use :  Please shake well before use as it has a little sediment.

Storage:Keep sealed in cool place.
Compositions :
Rasix Ginseng,  Poria,  Cortex Eucommiae,  dioscorea Opposita Thunb, Chinese wolfberry , Polygoni  multiflori , Herba cistanches etc. 
About Us
 ZhuHai Huiyao trading Co.,Ltd was authorized by wine factory to promote overseas market and our mission is carry forward the chhinese traditional medicine culture.     we are advocate the concept of health to achieve the people get more healthier and longer life vision.     we will put pure plant,non-pollution, no hormones, no chemical composition products Royal BaoChun wine, BaoChun liquid, SanXin yin are known as "three palace treasures" Royal healthly products will become to comsumer goods and beneficence extends to the people.       Royal BaoChun wine brewing began in 1985,China for Zhongnanhai,the Great hall of the people,and Chinese aged members,Diao Yu Tai state Guest House. Products are exported to Thailand, Japan, the United States,Vietnam,Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia,SaudiArabia and other countries and regions.       Royal BaoChun wine from a secret court have good for kidney,enrich blood,health beauty,stronger body ,General Hospital of PLA have shown that drinking Royal BaoChun wine can prolong life 1/3.
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