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   Our ancestors left so many treasures to us. For the masters of martial arts,martial arts books are their treasures.No matter what kind of treasure,it must be well known,have an excellent function and a great effect.We knew the Royal Bao Chun Wine by He Zhiyu,and we understood the inportance of this wine by reading the poem wrote by Pu Jie(brother of the last emperor).
   Pu Jie wrote this poem after tasted the wine:曾夸五凤双龙宴,今惹青帘红字标,车水马龙人买醉,太平时节乐春宵。It means:this wine was the royal wine for all the leaders from different countries when we had state banquet at the Imperial Palace,and in modern times,this wine can still  beneficence extends to the  people,let them have a life full of happiness.

About Us
 ZhuHai Huiyao trading Co.,Ltd was authorized by wine factory to promote overseas market and our mission is carry forward the chhinese traditional medicine culture.     we are advocate the concept of health to achieve the people get more healthier and longer life vision.     we will put pure plant,non-pollution, no hormones, no chemical composition products Royal BaoChun wine, BaoChun liquid, SanXin yin are known as "three palace treasures" Royal healthly products will become to comsumer goods and beneficence extends to the people.       Royal BaoChun wine brewing began in 1985,China for Zhongnanhai,the Great hall of the people,and Chinese aged members,Diao Yu Tai state Guest House. Products are exported to Thailand, Japan, the United States,Vietnam,Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia,SaudiArabia and other countries and regions.       Royal BaoChun wine from a secret court have good for kidney,enrich blood,health beauty,stronger body ,General Hospital of PLA have shown that drinking Royal BaoChun wine can prolong life 1/3.
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