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consolidating vital base固本培元

    Since the beginning of human life, it has entered the natural course of development. From birth to child, juvenile, youth, middle age, old age and death, this is the natural law of life.
    It is customary to divide a person's life into four stages: the juvenile (including the child), the young, the middle aged and the aged. preson to the middle-aged physical and mental development to maturity, the completion of the development of organs and tissue, the body's response to the internal and external environment of the basic stereotypes, generally have to deal with complex heavy load of physical and mental conditions. Then, the natural course of life is the summit, robust and strong poison, difficult to invade, strong life. At this moment, people forget to cherish the body, still profligate life, smoking, drinking, eating up violence plus the environmental pollution and so on, a strong body received from all aspects of the damage, the body slowly after the age of 40 changes, accelerate the aging process.
    From the middle age (40 years old), it is necessary to solid. To reduce unnecessary loss, rejection of bad habits, anti-aging, From now on, is to supplement the nutritional needs of the human body and all kinds of material, enhance immunity, resist virus, make the body stronger.It will be healthiest diet.
    Royal BaoChun Wine and  Bao Chun liquid is the best solid healthy food(health products), it can regulate the body's physiological balance, enhance immunity, achieve physical fitness function.

  Royal BaoChun Wine, for drinking of people (male, female) every night before fasting drinking 50-100ML.
Bao Chun liquid, no drinking of people, (male, female) every night before going to bed fasting drink 1-2vial.



About Us
 ZhuHai Huiyao trading Co.,Ltd was authorized by wine factory to promote overseas market and our mission is carry forward the chhinese traditional medicine culture.     we are advocate the concept of health to achieve the people get more healthier and longer life vision.     we will put pure plant,non-pollution, no hormones, no chemical composition products Royal BaoChun wine, BaoChun liquid, SanXin yin are known as "three palace treasures" Royal healthly products will become to comsumer goods and beneficence extends to the people.       Royal BaoChun wine brewing began in 1985,China for Zhongnanhai,the Great hall of the people,and Chinese aged members,Diao Yu Tai state Guest House. Products are exported to Thailand, Japan, the United States,Vietnam,Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia,SaudiArabia and other countries and regions.       Royal BaoChun wine from a secret court have good for kidney,enrich blood,health beauty,stronger body ,General Hospital of PLA have shown that drinking Royal BaoChun wine can prolong life 1/3.
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