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Detox and free radical scavenging排毒清基

  For decades,Due to unhealthy lifestyle, as well as environmental pollution makes our body accumulate a lot of toxins, such as lead to illness and treatment due to absorption many chemical drugs, drug three drug, drug residues in the body, and cause of another disease. Some patients with high blood pressure after taking a large number of drugs, but also led to uremia. Some diseases produce antibodies to drugs, in the treatment of increased doses, but also the damage to another part of the body, the vicious cycle of serious damage to the body, has reached the point of no delay.

  Today, we advocate the health of the solid, natural therapy is to hope that through the improvement of physical fitness, enhance immunity, with a strong body, Common disease rare infection, a lot of existing diseases have been self-cured.

    Health based natural therapy: the first thing to do is detoxification, detoxification equal to the base, build a tall building, first of all to do a good job of the foundation, the removal of those waste waste, the basis of prison, in order to build high-rise. To remove those diseases induced by the Commission of toxins, it is possible regather the next step of the project.

    In the detoxification process, we first use the bowel detoxification, constipation, constipation is the source of diseases, the toxin accumulation in the intestinal tract, in order to make the food stuck in the large intestine to shorten the time, make a variety of metabolites and toxins discharged as soon as possible, play a role in health and disease prevention. Detox drink is preferred San xian Yin drink, real palace good digestion drinks. In the last emperor Puyi wrote book "my life", "the emperor life" chapter he wrote: "behind a eunuch back......, there are four seasons have to need  San Xian Yin drink to help digestion". Imperial life three meals a day, delicacy delicacies, emperors table delicacies from land and sea, why do not the big fat, that is the masterpiece "Sanxian Yin " drink. It is not only drink Help digestion, detoxification, also rduce fat, drunk after a meal every day when you drink you will feel appetizers, intestinal defecation through smooth, comfortable,when you drink for a long time, your inflated belly will become soft, slowly shrinking, relaxed, with scientific diet and health, will greatly improve your health.

    San Xian Yin drink: morning, afternoon, after dinner each drink a cup, usually with a beverage.


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 ZhuHai Huiyao trading Co.,Ltd was authorized by wine factory to promote overseas market and our mission is carry forward the chhinese traditional medicine culture.     we are advocate the concept of health to achieve the people get more healthier and longer life vision.     we will put pure plant,non-pollution, no hormones, no chemical composition products Royal BaoChun wine, BaoChun liquid, SanXin yin are known as "three palace treasures" Royal healthly products will become to comsumer goods and beneficence extends to the people.       Royal BaoChun wine brewing began in 1985,China for Zhongnanhai,the Great hall of the people,and Chinese aged members,Diao Yu Tai state Guest House. Products are exported to Thailand, Japan, the United States,Vietnam,Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia,SaudiArabia and other countries and regions.       Royal BaoChun wine from a secret court have good for kidney,enrich blood,health beauty,stronger body ,General Hospital of PLA have shown that drinking Royal BaoChun wine can prolong life 1/3.
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